International Child Abduction

If your child has been removed from Australia without your consent an urgent application can be made with the Australian Central Authority for them to commence a process for the child to be returned.

A large number of Countries are party to an international convention called the “Hague Convention” whereby they have agreed that one parent or guardian cannot take a child from the country they know as home without the authorisation or agreement of the other parent, or without an order of the Court.  This international convention also means that children who are brought to Australia without the consent of one of their parents or guardians will be to their country of residence if a parent unilaterally brings them here without the other parents consent. There are some specific circumstances where the child will not be returned including where the child is at risk of serious harm, however the general rule is that the child should be returned to their home.

Time is of the essence in these matters, if you have concerns about your child being removed from Australia it is crucial that you obtain urgent family law advice.