family-law-accredited-logoChristopher McDevitt, the principal lawyer at Family Law Solutions Australia is accredited by the Law Society as a Family Law Specialist.

The practice of law in the 21st century is a complex business. It is impossible for a lawyer to be an expert in all areas of the law. The Law Society has recognised this and has devised a scheme for practitioners with expertise in Family Law to become accredited specialists.

To become an accredited specialist in Family Law in NSW a lawyer must:

  • Have been a lawyer for 5 years
  • Have at least 4 years experience in Family Law
  • Have at least 25% of his or her practice devoted to Family Law
  • Have passed an onerous exam set by the Law Society
  • Complete 20 hours of continuing legal education per year

Accredited Specialists ensure that you receive:

  • Speedy service
  • Quality service
  • Cost effective legal services
  • Access to lawyers with a detailed knowledge of Family Law

This firm is one of a small number of firms providing quality and specialist expertise in Family Law. Christopher McDevitt has been accredited as a Family Law Specialist since 1994.