Domestic Violence

Domestic and/or Family Violence impacts on families, and in particular on children each and every day in Australia. It is well recognised that family violence extends beyond physical violence and includes all manners of emotional, psychological, and verbal abuse. It also includes behaviour that is intended to intimidate and control another person.

For many victims of family violence, the decision of when and how to leave the relationship can be the most difficult to make. The most important things to consider are the safety and welfare of you and the children when you do decide to leave.

Getting advice before separation can mean access to support services to assist you with the process and allow you to make the most informed choice as to when is the best and most importantly safest time for you and/or your children. This can also provide you with advice as to leaving or remaining in the family home, access to finances and maintenance, and also about what arrangements are most suitable for the children.

If you have been a victim of family violence and have already separated then we can provide you with advice as to your property settlement and/or parenting matters and how to achieve the best outcome while prioritising your safety and wellbeing, and that of your children through the process.